3 reasons you should invest in yellow diamonds

22 September, 2016


Over the last decade, the yellow stone has surpassed other coloured diamonds by possessing the highest market demand. There are a number of factors as to why yellow diamonds have made their very deserved way into the limelight, one being their popularity amongst celebrities. Since yellow diamonds are often found on the fingers of the famous, it is thought that consumers have become more familiar with these fancy colours and consequently, demand has further increased. 

Although this is a large contributing factor to their popularity, there are many reasons that yellow diamonds alone are a very appealing investment at the moment. Below are three fundamentals reasons as to why you should be investing into yellow diamonds. 

1. They are much rarer than colourless diamonds

While the vast majority of diamonds fall in the D-to-Z colour range, nature occasionally produces diamonds with a naturally occurring blue, brown, pink, deep yellow or even green hue. The geological conditions required to yield these colours are rare, making diamonds with distinct and naturally occurring shades scarce and highly prized.

2. The ability to obtain a one-of-a-kind stone

Diamonds are evaluated by the four Cs — carat, clarity, colour and cut. Unlike colourless diamonds, there are other variables to take into consideration when evaluating yellow diamonds. Factors such as the rarity of the colour and the saturation of the hue make a yellow stone even more unique and one-of-a-kind. 

3. They haven't decreased in value for over 50 years

Coloured diamonds are attractive investments as they haven’t decreased in wholesale price since 1959, and they can increase in value 10 to 15 per cent each year.

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