Ethical Sourcing

Our passion is to make exceptional diamonds accessible to you
Ethical Diamond Mines

Radiant London's Ethical Sourcing Policy is one of the key benefits of our service and fundamental to the Radiant values

Through the Radiant Teams excellent experience and contacts, we are able to work with market leading global diamond suppliers who have the highest ethical and quality standards.

The majority of our suppliers are Debeers sight holders so they can guarantee their diamonds are ethically mined in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Canada.

The diamond industry in these countries has given real benefits to the governments and local communities. Many of our suppliers have local diamond manufacturing facilities creating jobs and opportunities. Many also support local charitable initiatives including schools, orphanages and hospitals.

You can purchase your stones from Radiant London with confidence, knowing that the stones are ethically sourced and that you will be supporting and benefiting local communities around the world.